Advocate for businesses, minority and majority owners, executives and professionals.

Advocate for businesses, minority and majority owners, executives and professionals.

Advocate for businesses, minority and majority owners, executives and professionals.

Advocate for businesses, minority and majority owners, executives and professionals.

I represent private business owners, majority and minority shareholders, partners, LLC Members and professional employees in litigation avoidance, dispute resolution and litigation.  I have 20 years experience in all phases of business litigation and employment law.  I learn about my client's businesses and their needs and concerns and work with the client to jointly come up with the right, cost-effective strategy for them.  

Practice Areas

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Business Litigation and Employment Law

I don’t do everything. I don’t handle personal injury claims, criminal matters, divorces, real estate transactions, bankuptcies, etc. (I can refer you to excellent lawyers who do these things). I would rather be great at a few things than okay, or worse, at everything. Employment and business law are very complicated. There are numerous state and federal statutes, regulations, guidelines, and countless court decisions. A lawyer cannot stay on top of it all by dabbling in the fields. You have to live it and breath it every day. See my blog at to see my dedication to my limited fields.

Outside General Counsel

Join the big leagues and hire a General Counsel for your company or organization. Whether you want to impress your friends or strike fear in your enemies, you can hire me on an as-needed or continual basis to act as your outside general counsel.

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Adam's reputation precedes him and when you need someone in your corner he is your guy. He methods are tactical, his honesty is to be admired and his results speak for themselves.

Bill Higgins
President & Founder, Full Spectrum Benefits, Inc.

Right to the point!

Peter Oldrid
President, Oldrid Financial Inc.

Adam is an exceptional provider of legal services. I have complete trust and admiration for how he and his colleagues handle their clients.

Donna Naugler
Realtor, J Barrett & Company

Recent Blog Posts

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Termination of Minority Shareholder or LLC Member Employment

Employees who are shareholders of a private corporation, family business or limited liability company (“LLC”) may not be subject to the employment-at-will rule in Massachusetts. This means that the majority owner or owners cannot simply fire a minority owner-employee at their whim.

LLC Operating Agreements and Business Divorces

An operating agreement (and other types of agreements between business partners, including shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and joint venture agreements) should govern how the business is to work. In particular, what are the agreements among the partners? What role will each partner have in the work, in the management, in the finances? Will any partner receive a salary? How much? Are partners entitled to a job? What fiduciary duties does each owe to the business? How will profits be distributed? What about losses? Will the partners have to invest more in the business if there is a shortfall? Will there be other employees? What happens if there is not enough business income to pay employees? What will the exit strategy/buyout be? Are the parties married to one another for any future business of the same type?

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