Shareholder / LLC / Partnership Disputes

I assist business people in their interactions with their business partners, including shareholders in close corporations, LLC members and managers, and partners in partnerships.  I review, revise, negotiate and draft shareholder agreements, operating agreements, employment contracts, noncompete agreements and other types of agreements that impact these issues.  I assist majority owners to deal with minority owners, including terminations.  I assist minority owners who have been frozen out, terminated or otherwise treated unfairly. I assist in asset purchases and sales.  I assist presidents and treasurers and CEO's and LLC Managers in their corporate agreements to help protect them from undue liability.  I can represent businesses and business people in mediation, arbitration, litigation and trial.

Examples of results I have obtained in this practice area include the following:

  • Obtained a $1.4 million agreement for judgment for a minority-shareholder of a local textile company

  • Obtained a $255,000 settlement for a business executive in a Wage Act claim against LLC Managers

  • Obtained a judgment for a business executive of over $640,000 against the acting CEO of an LLC

  • Part of a trial team that obtained a jury verdict and a seven-figure judgment for an executive who was promised equity as an inducement to go to work for a start-up technology company.

  • Obtained a defense verdict in favor of a shareholder of a now-defunct closely held corporation at a jury trial. Plaintiff brought claims for breach of contract, piercing the corporate veil, and violation of Chapter 93A.

  • Obtained a preliminary injunction on behalf of a mortgage brokerage firm to enforce a noncompete agreement against a former employee in the business litigation session.

  • Defeated an attempt to obtain a preliminary injunction to enforce a noncompete agreement against a former specialty product salesperson in the business litigation session.

  • Negotiated a settlement for a high-level executive employee of over $1 million for breach of contract and sexual harassment claims.

  • Defeated an employer’s attempt to obtain a preliminary injunction to enforce a noncompete agreement against an insurance broker in the business litigation session.

  • Obtained an immediate payment of almost $100,000 for a minority shareholder who had been denied compensation by the majority shareholders.

  • Negotiated a segregation of business assets for a minority shareholder who had been cheated by the majority shareholder.

  • On behalf of a business owner, settled a mid-six-figure claim brought by an equipment lessor for low five-figure dollars.

  • When a business client was sued on a commercial loan guaranty, with a deficiency of over $500K, settled the case at mediation for less than 1/4 of the amount due and obtained an assignment against co-guarantor. Then obtained a judgement against co-guarantor for over $500,000. Essentially turned client’s $500K obligation into a $500K potential asset.

  • Obtained a judgment and assessment of damages for 50% shareholders of a close corporation who had been cheated by co-shareholders.

  • Negotiated a favorable buyout of a 50% shareholder who abandoned close corporation.

  • Convinced another departing 50% shareholder to abandon claims.

  • Obtained summary judgment in favor of a local service firm sued for a variety of prevailing wage and wage violations.
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